Monday, August 4, 2014

Easy & Homemade Bread Recipe

There are many types of Milk bread recipes. This homemade milk bread Recipe is a good way to cook Bread with little ingredients and without spending much time the Moroccan way. Simple, easy, quick, and healthy Milk Bread recipe from the Gourmet Dish kitchen.

The Ingredients to prepare the homemade milk bread:
1kg Fluffy semolina
100g White flour
A tablespoon of powder milk
Two tablespoons powder sugar
A tablespoon of yeast bread
A pinch of salt
Two tablespoons of oil
Two tablespoons of butter
200ml of milk
Warm water for mix.

How to make the Homemade Milk Bread:

 In a bowl mix all the ingredients, then add the water until we get the dough sticks to hands

  So let the dough resting (half an hour and above).
Get out the air from the dough and make it into a small balls.
Pass the small balls in the semolina, Then press it by palm of the hand.
Let the dough resting again for 10 minutes.
Put the oven-tray in the oven for 20 minutes (15 minutes from under than 5 minutes from above).
Temperature is 220 C°/ 428 F°

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