Saturday, August 17, 2013

White Fillet Fish Recipe

White Fillet Fish Recipe is a good method to cook whitefish with little ingredients and without spending much time. Simple, easy, quick, and healthy fillet fish recipe from the gourmet dish kitchen.


500g of white fillet fish
6 cloves of garlic chopped
50 ml of  lemon juice
50g of parsley chopped
A pinch of salt
A pinch of ginger
A pinch of cumin
A pinch of black pepper. (If you like your whitefish fillet spicy, can you add a pinch of red pepper)
A few drops of olive oil. (Depending on your taste).

How to make the White Fillet Fish Recipe

In the bowl; put the chopped parsley, the chopped garlic, the spices, lemon juice and a few drops of olive oil depending on your taste.
Then mix them very well.

After washing the white fillet fish, add the mixture of the parsley on the fillet fish.
Put the fillet fish in the oven tray and cover it with aluminum foil if you like it juicy and not dry.
Cooking time is 25 minutes
Temperature is 180C°/388F°

Can you serve the White Fillet Fish with green salad, white rice or vegetables soup depending on your taste.
Enjoy your meal.

Fish Without a Doubt: The Cook's Essential Companion

No doubt about it, fish is a cook’s dream. Fast. Low in fat, versatile, and healthful, it’s even brain food. No other fish cookbook contains such a comprehensive selection of approachable, contemporary recipes. It’s written by a pair of experts: a nationally known three-star seafood chef whose true passion is teaching home cooks, and an award-winning writer and sought-after food authority. Arranged for the cook’s complete convenience, Fish without a Doubt encompasses chapters on all the techniques of fish cookery—from poaching to grilling to sautéing—as well as on all the most popular seafood dishes—from appetizers, to soups and salads, to burgers and pasta.

The recipes range from updated versions of classics (Trout Almondine, Linguine with Clams, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes) to the latest favorites (Steamed Black Bass with Sizzling Ginger,Tuna Burgers with Cucumber Relish, Thai-Style Mussels). It includes slews of quickies for weeknight specials (Broiled Fillets with Butter and Herbs) and centerpieces for splashier occasions (A Big Poached Char). Featuring only seafood that is not overfished, Fish without a Doubt provides the latest information for the eco-conscious cook about our last wild frontier.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Benefits of Strawberry

Strawberry is an ingredient of choice for great desserts, and goes well with salads. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, it would help in preventing cancer and many other diseases.

Benefits of Strawberry

- Studies have shown that daily consumption of a good quantity of fresh or frozen strawberries can increase the antioxidant capacity of the body. Strawberries are so effective in reducing the risk of cancer and improve the body's defenses against chronic diseases. In addition, freeze-dried strawberries effectively inhibit the occurrence of different types of breast cancer and brain cancer. Experiments in rats have also shown that a diet enriched with dried strawberries reduced the growth of tumors oesophage. Finally, strawberry extracts were effective in preventing the proliferation of human colon cancer cells and cervical uterus.
- Research suggests that flavonoids (found in strawberries and other) may reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, a process leading to cardiovascular diseases. A prospective study in postmenopausal women showed that eating more than one serving of strawberries per week was associated with a decreased risk of mortality cardiovascular disease. In addition, studies have shown that consumption of strawberries, as an extract of beverage or freeze-dried strawberries added to the portfolio diet possible to reduce the oxidation of "bad" cholesterol.
- According to the results of experiments in lab, the strawberry extracts have an anti-inflammatory effect. The process of inflammation are involved in the development of several diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

An out of work actress can find herself in some shady situations. For Kitty French, some raunchy role-playing gone wrong lands her in the clutches of an honest-to-god vampire who decides she’s the tastiest of them all. Being a blood-sucker’s ongoing meal plan is not high on her wish list, no matter how searingly sexy he is. Will she escape from his cold lips alive, and will she still want to?
A bite sized, steamy, paranormal romance, Strawberry is a novella of 33,000 words, about a third the length of a normal novel.
I was supine, pinned down, at the mercy of three vampires. It’s okay. They aren’t real. Just men playing a game.
A tongue licked across the lowest point of my neck, right where my pulse beat. A frisson of desire ran through my body, startling me.
They crowded around the table, crawling up onto it to get better access to me. A hot mouth sucked at the flesh of my right breast where the gown left it bare. I gasped at the sensation and then screamed. I wanted to strike the man off me but kept in character. This is what I was being paid for. I knew what I was in for.
Then the first man bit me.
They didn’t bite hard but they weren’t exactly gentle either. That’s going to leave a mark. I was sprawled on the table, teeth nipping at me in three places. Their plaything. I could feel arousal beginning and I could not believe it. It really had been a long time since I’d had any action. My nipples were hardening as the heated hands tangled into my hair and warm tongues slid across my skin. Fake fangs pulled at the bared flesh of my cleavage, arms and neck. Little shivers stole up and down my spine, making me whimper and a delicious ache built between my thighs. I had just about decided that I really needed to get laid when an icy finger ran up my thigh, yanking me out of the delectable stupor I had tumbled into. I felt a cold nose press against my neck and breathe deeply. I heard a small grunt of desire.
“This one is mine.”
My eyelids, gone heavy during the biting, slammed open to see my vampires falling back, their faces gone blank. It looked like someone had just reached in and erased them from within.
A new man stood above me, silhouetted by the dim scarlet glow of the lamp behind him.
The primal instinct to escape invaded me again and I tried to scramble back across the table, but the dead, cold hands dragged me back and up into his arms.
Then teeth sunk deep into my neck.

The Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon has a refreshing taste. Red or pink, white or yellow flesh is a significant source of lycopene, an antioxidant that protects against several diseases. The seeds of the watermelon are edible and provide vitamin C.

The benefits of watermelon
- According to the results of a study, a large watermelon consumption is associated with a lower risk of cancer prostate.
- A pilot study showed that consumption of supplements watermelon powder improves arterial function in individuals suffering from hypertension.
- Helps ease digestion.

Fruit Is Not Dessert: Rich Low-Calorie Desserts (Scrumptious Low-Calorie Recipes Cookbook)

Want to save calories on dessert? Tired of people saying, “have a piece of fruit for dessert?” Then this cookbook is for you! It contains recipes for cakes, pies, pudding desserts, and much more! Why settle for a piece of fruit for dessert when you can have much more?

Recipes include:

Lite Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Lite Lemon Pie
Lite Key Lime Pie
Magic Pumpkin Pie
Quick and Easy Chocolate Pie
Lemony Cheesecake
Lite Fudge
Homemade Low-Fat Brownies
Rich Chocolate Roll Dessert
…and many more!

Important note: the intended audience for this cookbook includes those who are looking for lower-fat, lesser-calorie alternatives to full-calorie foods. Those on an extremely calorie-restricted diet (1000 calories per day or less) or those on a low-carb diet may—or may not—find the recipes useful or applicable to them.

Disclaimer: The contents of this cookbook may not be construed as a medical diagnosis, treatment, advice, claim, or substitute for a physician's care. Consult a physician or other health care provider before starting a weight loss or exercise program. Joan's results are not typical, and she cannot guarantee you will have the same results. Your results are up to you!