Saturday, August 30, 2014

Delicious Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe (Or Chocoprince)

Here is a new gourmet recipe. The little prince cookie, which is unlike any of the biscuit cakes I have done so far.
It's Prince William's favourite cake and was served at his wedding reception; that's why it's called Choco Prince cake!!
Easy and delicious little prince cookie from Gourmet Dish kitchen.

100g of butter
4 tsp of caster sugar
8 tbsp of dark cacao
1 tsp of vanilla powder
80g of fresh cream
A bottle of sweetened condensed milk(397g)
500g of biscuits tea (roughly crushed)
You can add some Nuts (walnuts, almonds...) or Dried Fruit (sultanas, apricots, cherries) depending on your taste :)

How to make Delicious Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe (Or Chocoprince):
First of all; put a pan on the stove on low heat
Then add the butter.

When the butter melts add caster sugar then stir well!
Add the cacao and with constant stirring.

Add the vanilla powder.
Add the fresh cream and keep stirring.

Then add the sweetened condensed milk

Add the biscuits tea (roughly crushed)

Then stir gently!
Remove the pan off the stove!! Place it in a plastic diet and rouled as you see in the pictures.

Put it in the fridge for two hours.
You can cut it as you see in the picture depending on your taste... You can also put it in the cheese cake-tray its optional... also you can serve it with juices or coffee, tea...