Monday, May 27, 2013

The Third Week of my Trip to Morocco (Chefchaouen; the north of Morocco) / Review Chefchaouen hotel‏

My trip to the north of Morocco was one of the coolest travels in my life; in terms of the beauty of nature, good people, and delicious food.

Breakfast in Chefchaouen is characterized by the natural dishes (from the heart of nature).

Chefchaouen people often start their breakfast with bean soup (The scientific name is Vicia faba, the Arabic name is الفول).
With rich cumin, olive oil, and hot pepper.

After that they served the bread which is made ​​of flour fresh (Alpegrer) with a natural cheese made ​​at home by housewives.

 With some fresh olives (home made too).

 Natural cheese.

And eggs.

This delicious breakfast served with Moroccan tea or with fresh milk (they take the milk fresh from the cow).

At lunch they served all kinds of salads:

Carrot salad with some fresh cheese home made.

Potato and beans salad.

Slices of tomatoes with some lettuces.

Eggs with some slices of cucumbers.

Cucumbers with some slices of orange.

Rice salad with corn.

Cabbage Salad.

Cauliflower salad.

Eggplant salad.

With olives, sauces, and tuna.

All salads were delicious, different and healthy.
As for the main dishes: cooked rice, cooked vegetables and steamed potatoes with chicken in the oven.

Cooked rice with some parsley was very delicious.

Steamed potatoes were very moist.

Cooked vegetables were very delicious and tasty with some parsley and a few drops of olive oil.

Chicken was a master of the night unchallenged.

With the garden fruit salad.

Chefchaouen has always been beautiful and specially when having a meal while listening to one of the most amazing folk music at Chefchaouen hotel.

Chefchaouen Hotel.
Chefchaouen Morocco