Friday, June 7, 2013

The Fourth Week of my Trip to Morocco (Agadir,Teznite, Aourir and Aglou; the sud of Morocco)

My trip to the south of Morocco was unforgettable; the seafood is the king of the weekAgadir Characterized by the diversity of its fresh fish.

This dish combined mixture of the seafood (squid, shrimp, salmon); It is lemon flavored mixed with a little salt; this dish was very delicious but it's unhealthy because it is fried in oil.

The shrimp dish was great with lemon.

The paella dish; was Spanish food but is adopted by the Moroccans (During the Spanish occupation of Morocco)

Which consists of a mixture of seafood with rice and beans.

The grilled squid dish; delicious, healthy, and mushy. It was one of my best dishes.

The grilled shrimp dish; was great, very delicious, healthy and mushy with garlic flavor and parsley. The grilled shrimp dish was my best dish.

Each dish was offered with vegetables salad, olives and Moroccan tea.