Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The National Day Holiday in Muscat

A night out for the national day holiday in Muscat with friends. It was unforgetable and wonderful food from different countries; like Turkey, Italy, Lebanon, Oman...

Lebanese Hummus; it was very soft and tender with a touch of parsley and olive oil.
Lebanese Moutabal or Baba Ghanouj; it was very smooth with olive oil and parsley, you can eat it with arabic bread.

The pickles dish is a combination of carrots, green olives, cucumbers, and rocket
Italian pizza with spicy pepperoni; it was very delicious and crunchy.
Turkish Chicken Shawarma with crunchy Turkish Bread. It is served with a great sauce and some pickles.
 Omani Chiwae; it is a combination of soft rice and  tender beef.

 Italian spaghetti covered with baked bread.
This is how it looks like when you take the baked bread of the plate.

At the end we had the great drinks:

Fresh pomegranate juice
 Fresh lemon and mint juice.
 Fresh Watermelon juice.
Fresh pina colada juice.

The food was awesome the outdoors atmosphere was very nice with good company.